About Me

I'm a sewist, just like you. I love to make new fashions for myself, my family, and my friends' kids. I especially love supporting new pattern designers. My philosophy in sewing is that if I see or imagine something that I want to wear, I should be able to make it. Sometimes it takes a few tries, and I need to learn some new skills, but it is within reach! But sometimes I have a picture in my head of a garment type that I want to make, and I have a hard time finding just the right pattern online.

So I started compiling this list of patterns, arranged by styles and garment types. This way, I don't have to hope Google understands me, or browse every designer's page separately. I hope you find some inspiration, discover new patterns, and fall in love with new-to-you designers while browsing this site.

Please let me know if you see any errors, have any suggestions for additions, or just want to geek out about sewing stuff! You can reach me at jennifer@code402.com. You can also find me on social media on the Wandering Shop Mastodon as jkdellow.

A photo of Jenn standing in a doorway, wearing a puffed-sleeve empire-waist dress, sewn in a teal poplin with bird print


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