A-Frame Skirt

by Blueprints for Sewing

experience recommendedpay what you can

Fabric recommendations: Midweight wovens with some structure, such as cotton poplin, linen, cotton/linen blends, tweed, boucle, or sateen

Size range: Waist: 26" - 52", Hips: 35" - 61"

Garment Type(s):
  • Skirts
Design Features & Options:
  • Pockets
  • Fitted Skirt
  • A-Line Skirt
  • Knee Length
  • Zipper
  • Buttons

To see the full details or buy the pattern, go to Blueprints for Sewing's website.

The designer's photo of a finished A-Frame Skirt.

Here are some examples we found on the web of the A-Frame Skirt. For more Instagram examples, search for the pattern hashtag #blueprintsaframe.







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