Patina Blouse

by Friday Pattern Co

experience recommended

Fabric recommendations: Light to mid weight wovens, such as cotton shirting, poplin, linen, flannel, velvet, satin, silk noil, or rayon/viscose.

Size range:

Garment Type(s):
  • Button-Ups
Design Features & Options:
  • Body Elements
    • Loose Chest & Waist
    • Collar
    • V-Neck
  • Sleeve Elements
    • Short Sleeves
    • Long Sleeves
    • Loose Sleeves
    • Fitted, Rib, or Gathered Cuffs
    • Cuff Plackets
    • Set-in Shoulder
  • Bottom Elements
    • Shirt or Hip Length
  • Fasteners
    • Buttons
  • Flourishes
    • Gathered
The designer's photo of a finished Patina Blouse.

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