Thread Theory

Thread Theory started as a menswear pattern company, with a great range of patterns meant to fit men’s bodies. Their patterns are perfect for anyone who wants a straight fit garment or clothing that’s easy to work outdoors in. And they have started extending some of their patterns to have more fitted options, for more body types!

We haven't pulled in all of their older patterns yet. To check out the rest of their patterns, visit their website,

6 Patterns Found

Fulford Men’s Jeans

Fabric recommendations: 9-16 oz denim or other woven bottom-weight fabrics such as twill or corduroy. The fabric should have very little or no stretch.

Size range: Waist: 26" - 50", Hips: 35" - 57"

A photo of a finished Fulford Men’s Jeans.

Haslam Hat

Fabric recommendations: Medium weight sweater knits such as sweatshirt fleece, lofty french terry, or flannel. For the lining, use a lightweight sherpa, sweatshirt fleece, or flannel.

Size range: Head circumference: 21.5” - 24.5”

Published: 2022-12-02

A photo of a finished Haslam Hat.

Mahle Tie

Fabric recommendations: Medium weight silk, rayon, linen, or lightweight cotton or wool.

Size range: Length: 57.5” - 61”, Width: 2” - 2.5”

Published: 2022-06-01

A photo of a finished Mahle Tie.

Quadra Men’s Jeans

Fabric recommendations: Bottom weight woven fabrics such as 9-16 oz denim (with no or very little stretch), twill, or corduroy.

Size range: Waist: 26" - 50", Hips: 35" - 57"

A photo of a finished Quadra Men’s Jeans.

Timberland Henley and Tee

Fabric recommendations: Light to medium weight knits with at least 20% stretch, such as cotton jersey, interlock, french terry, bamboo jersey, rib knit, or waffle knit.

Size range: Chest: 29" - 51", Waist: 23" - 44"

Published: 2022-02-14

A photo of a finished Timberland Henley and Tee.

Woodhaven Apron

Fabric recommendations: Heavyweight wovens, such as heavy canvas, rugged denim, or sturdy linen.

Size range: Length: 32” - 34.5”, Waist width: 23.5” - 29.5”

Published: 2021-12-17

A photo of a finished Woodhaven Apron.